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Core Values

As a network, we commit ourselves to the following core values and principles in all we do

  1. Creativity and innovation
  2. Participation and teamwork
  3. Transparency and honesty
  4. Equality
  5. Commitment
  6. Devotion and dedication
  7. Spirit of volunteerism
  8. Concern for humanity

Our Mission

To advocate for the implementation of policies and legislation on adolescent and youth sexual reproductive health through dissemination of information, championing and promoting their rights at national and community level.

Our Vision

A society where the reproductive health and rights of adolescent and youths are recognized, provided for and respected.

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Letters from New York, DAY IV

By Robert Aseda So today we met a magician. No, not at #CPD48. On a train to our hotel from the hard sessions of the day. The guy was ‘thorough’. That’s the NAYA slang for being good at his job. He made handkerchiefs, oranges and balls disappear and appear at will. It looked so easy.

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Letters from New York, DAY 111

By Robert Aseda Today was an interesting day at #CPD48. As the day’s progress, nations and regions made their stand known on the various issues they hold close to their chest, what they can compromise on and what the bare minimum for them was. Negotiations among nations can be so interesting and so frustrating at

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Some members of Africa delegation

Letters from New York; DAY TWO

By Robert Aseda Today was an interesting day at #CPD48. Just like the typical second day at school, the air was filled with optimism and expectations for a progressive outcome document. As countries continued making their statements, it was clear that most nations of the world had come to the general understanding that their development

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Letters from New York; DAY ONE

By Robert Aseda Finally the 48th session of the United Nations Commission on Population and Development kicked off in New York. This year’s session is particularly very important. The world stands at a very important precipice. A lot of global events are happening around population and development and it’s therefore an opportunity that we can’t

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When our reproductive health is sorted, our physical and mental health is sorted too

Young People Need Access to Reproductive Health Information and Services

By NAYA Kisumu Advocates The World Health Organization defines reproductive health as the complete state of physical, social and mental well being of person and not merely the absence of a disease or infirmity in all maters relating to reproductive health. All persons need access to sexual reproductive health information and services. The services should

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  Migori, Homa- Bay & Kisii Counties

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