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Core Values

As a network, we commit ourselves to the following core values and principles in all we do

  1. Creativity and innovation
  2. Participation and teamwork
  3. Transparency and honesty
  4. Equality
  5. Commitment
  6. Devotion and dedication
  7. Spirit of volunteerism
  8. Concern for humanity

Our Mission

To advocate for the implementation of policies and legislation on adolescent and youth sexual reproductive health through dissemination of information, championing and promoting their rights at national and community level.

Our Vision

A society where the reproductive health and rights of adolescent and youths are recognized, provided for and respected.

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Sexual Violence against Children Rising in Kisii

Image Courtesy new.devon.gov.uk By Michael Oliech Okunson (@MikeOkunson) and Brenda Mageka While great awareness has been raised about sexual violence against women in Kenya, much less is known about the problem of sexual abuse of children. Studies suggest that more than 7,200 children, including infants, are defiled, molested and sodomised every year.  Experts further believe

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Let’s Talk about Unsafe Abortion

By Michael Oliech Okunson (@MikeOkunson) On 27 march in Kuoyo Kaila Kisumu County I saw the consequences of unsafe abortion first hand when a young lady screamed desperately to get help for her 16 year old sister. Immediately I ran towards her house to find her sister in a bad state. I was horrified by

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Child Marriage Is a Violation of Human Rights

Image Courtesy: SOS Children’s Villages   By Mackiche Mackiche (@mackiche_victor ) A forced marriage is a marriage that is performed under duress and without the full and informed consent or free will of both parties, in this case the final decisions are usually made by the parents. In most of our communities in Kenya some

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Let’s Talk about Shisha

By Michael Oliech Okunson (@MikeOkunson) Lifestyle trends and styles tend to change every year. Some of them have become an integral part of the local culture like going to a local pub for a pint or two. Shisha smoking has been here for a long time but it has quickly become the first choice leisure

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Meaningfully Involve Young People in Policy Processes

Image Courtesy: youthhealthparticipation.com By Michael Oliech Okunson (@MikeOkunson) For us to bring tremendous social and economic benefits in this country, we need to involve all young people in matters that touch around governance, voice, accountability and sexual and reproductive health and rights. Youth participation means better decisions and increased efficiency. Young people are both tomorrow’s

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Child Marriage is a Killer of Dreams

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Image Courtesy: Voice of America By Michael Oliech Okunson (@MikeOkunson) Adhiambo Monica’s marriage at age 15 in East seme ward Kisumu County destroyed her hopes of becoming a lawyer. “I wanted to work hard and become a lawyer but now I have no more hopes.” All is lost. It hurts when I see lawyers on

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